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Quick-Turn Power Cables
w    Normally arrive 48-72 hours A.R.O.
w Completely cleaned, coiled in sturdy Fiber Drums
w Cables consistently labeled with custom 
      information & Barrels Labeled with exact contents
w Ready to pull out for quick install
w Each cable is cleaned and wiped down before
      storing in barrel.  
This keeps your data center clean.
w Barrels are much easier to move around the data
      center than boxes, 
and can be set next to PDUs/RPPs.
w 28 years Industry Experience!!!
w Made in the USA

Conforms to UL Standard 478, manufactured
with UL Listed components and certified as a
complete UL Listed Assembly.

Our Cables also comply with the 2002 NEC,
Article 645.5,
so they do not have to
be securely fastened in place and supported
every 4.5 feet; thereby expediting installation
and integration.

UPS is 3 Days Standard to Green Area

Air Guard Brat
Look to the Right Column
for More Info

Under-Floor Power Distribution Cables for
Raised Floor Data Center Applications

Choose from 11 Liquid-Tight Colors

NEMA Straight Blade Receptacles/Cables

NEMA Standard Locking Cables/Receptacles

RussellStoll Chart

Russell Stoll Connectors
RussellStoll® receptacles (IBM type) are available in box style or in-line connector versions. The housings are corrosion resistant and cast aluminum manufactured.  The receptacles are watertight, arc-resistant and constructed with a molded plastic interior.

IEC Cable Chart

IEC receptacles are Pin and Sleeve style, watertight, made with
rugged nylon housings and color coded by amperage. The shrouding on the IEC devices protects the pins from abuse and are arc-resistant.

UL Listed & 100% Tested for:

w   Ground Integrity
w Phase Rotation
w Continuity
w Insulation Leakage Testing
w Hi-Pot Tested at twice the rated
      voltage plus 1000 volts
w Built only with Industrial Spec
     Grade components
w Guaranteed for a lifetime
      against failure

Newest Product Announcement!!

Air Guard
The Cool Choice
in Floor Cable Seals
Many Sizes to Choose From

The Air Guard Flush Mount is a product that helps prevent air loss in plenum cooled floors when access holes are required for cable routing through the floor.

Air Guard Flush Mount:
w Reduces air loss in plenum cooled floors and increases under-floor static pressure.
w Seals cable openings with an overlapping brush cover which prevents under-floor contamination.
w Designed with a removable back brush that allows for great versatility when floor tiles need to be removed.
w Provided with an integrated trim to save labor from cutting individual trim fittings.
w Allows flexibility and simplicity in cable routing.
w Flame retardant ABS polycarbonate material provides a finished look on all raised floor panels, solid construction and the textured surface compliments all floor coverings.
w Installation is simple and inexpensive.
w Includes mounting hardware and cutout template.
w Dimensions: 6.25" H x 12.75" W x 1.5"
w Part Number: 116-800-001.

The overlapping brushes in Air Guard's unique design allow flexibility and simplicity in cable routing. The brushes seal the floor openings, preventing debris from entering the air plenum and causing damage to sensitive electronic equipment. The Air Guard is easily installed in any location on the floor panel.
Two Air Guards can be interlocked and installed on the floor panel to accommodate a variety of cable sizes. Relocating the Air Guard is also simple and inexpensive.

Choose the Air Guard Cable Seal when making new installations in your data center to maximize your energy efficiency.


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