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Mechanical Equipment


• Control cabinet for on/off, proportional
   or any other optional controls
• Demineralization (DEMI) Cabinet
• Conductimeter with measuring probes
• Water detectors
• Large water treatment systems
• High limit sensors
• Multi-humidifier racking systems
Ultrasonic Humidification Systems

Stulz-ATS, The Natural Alternative for Proven Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Stulz-ATS has engineered and installed humidification systems all over the world. With thousands of installations in Europe and Asia and the broadest customer base in North America, ultrasonic humidification is second nature to us.

We offer the most comprehensive and complete product line in the industry and can match an ultrasonic humidifier to any application you might have.

Stulz-Ultrsasonic® Humidifiers use 93% less electrical energy than electrode boilers or infrared humidifiers. Water is not heated and wasted as with typical humidification flush cycles. No heat is added to the conditioned space, but instead, a cooling effect that helps reduce compressor run time is achieved due to the ultrasonic adiabatic humidification process. Because of all these savings, Stulz-Ultrasonic® humidifiers qualify for sizable rebates offered by utilities promoting energy efficiency.

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