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                      UNIBLOCK UBT
The UNIBLOCK UBT UPS system is uniquely engineered to optimize the combination of Uniblock dynamic UPS design with battery-free technology.  

The UBT has an integrated
flywheel that stores and releases kinetic energy to bridge any power outages. Voltage regulation, power factor correction and harmonic attenuation are according to dynamic UPS standards set by the Uniblock. 

Single modules, sized 500 to 1670kVA, can be paralleled for redundancy and added capacity.

The Costs of a Power Failure in Healthcare

Estimated average revenue lost is $636,000 per hour:

How safe are your patients during an outage?

How much in lost profits to reschedule procedures?

Will your imaging center loose data and risk errors?

What is the cost to recalibrate the equipment?


See the Solution Below:

                 Excellence in Mission Critical Power Solutions

Piller produces high capacity Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Converter Systems.  Sizes range from 180 kVA through 1,670 kVA modules, plus paralleling for larger systems.

Piller combines the highest levels of customer support and engineering excellence available anywhere in the world, and is therefore recognized as the most respected name in its field.  Since its formation in 1909 in Germany, they continue the production of high performance UPSs into the 21st century.

Often the slightest interruption of power can cause catastrophic results for industrial manufacturers, resulting in loss of production time, and more importantly profit.  Piller has developed UPS systems to work in conjunction with combined heat and power stations, as well as conventional installations.  Piller supports industrial processes: microchip manufacturing, automotive plants, mineral processing, diamond processing, utility pumping, plastic extrusion and many others.

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The UBR is a double conversion, true on-line UPS system that utilizes a synchronized motor/generator(M/G) to deliver on site, a constant and flawless sine-wave to the mission critical load.

The robust M/G isolates the load from the input utility at all times, assuring highly reliable power protection. The UBR operates with batteries or battery-free as the uninterrupted source of power.

Single modules, sized 180 to 1100kVA, can be paralleled for redundancy and added capacity.

     UPS Highlights
s Redundant on-board power supplies

s Leading and lagging output power
    factor without derating

s Water cooling available using building
    chilled water

s Unlimited crest factor

s Inherent fault clearing ability for short
     circuit faults without bypass

s Very high efficiency

s Virtual unity input power factor

s Sinusoidal input power factor

s Natural sine-wave output

s Galvanic isolation without additional

s External synchronization capability

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