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Thirty years ago, Cyberex revolutionized power distribution with its invention of the
Static Transfer Switch. Since then, Cyberex has
installed more units than any
other manufacturer. It is from this
experience and our customers’ requirements
that the SuperSwitch3
TM has evolved.  Designed with a ‘true’ fault-tolerant
SuperSwitch3 ensures there is truly no single point of failure
the use of our patented transfer algorithm and robust electrical
With an increased MTBDE to an estimated 10 million hours,
reliability is unmatched.  SuperSwitch3 redefines power
reliability with its exceptional design, serviceability and user-interface.

Designed to extend the redundancy from the service entrance to the output
circuits, Cyberex’s Mission Critical distribution system provides
the most reliable and flexible
power system.  By integrating the Digital Static
Transfer Switch and Power Distribution Unit, MC Series provides the highest
level of
customization for equipment loads and can be easily reconfigured as
your facility grows.  T
he MC Series is the key design element that increases
uptime, due to advanced monitoring of the system & individual circuits.

1200 - 4000A
Digital Static Transfer Switch

Digital SuperSwitch2™ Technology

The 1200-4000 Amp line of DSTS's from Cyberex are designed
to protect large amounts of critical load in both commercial and
industrial environments.  These switches can transfer power
between any two or three sources of power, including any
combination of utility, UPSs and generators.
These switches employ Cyberex’s patented SuperSwitch
Technology for all sensing & power transfers. In addition,
these switches feature Modbus Communications
for remote monitoring.


Cyberex SuperSwitch 3

Breakthrough Technology!!

  • Fault-tolerant architecture eliminates single point of failure
  • Patented SuperSwitch™ algorithm delivers unmatched transfer characteristics
  • Dynamic Inrush Restraint protects system by minimizing downstream magnetizing currents
  • Three tiered user-defined thresholds for power quality management
  • Software-guided breaker operation eliminates human error
  • Graphical user-interface and mimic panel for local system monitoring and configuration
  • Remote access capability for system, event and alarm monitoring
  • Flexible access for ease of cabling, operation and maintenance
  • Unparalleled alarms, metering & diagnostics
  • Detailed Monitoring, Reporting and Trending Capability
  • Advanced Communications allow access at any time from any location
  • Unique modular design reduces open-door time to 15 minutes for standard servicing
  • Ultra-dense footprint reduces demand on valuable dataroom real estate
  • Reduced number of internal components maximizes reliability
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